Public Versus Private Education

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Top Ten Differences between Public Vs Private

Understanding differences between secular and Christian education is critical if parents are to make an informed decision in favor of their child. 

We offer the following comparison so that parents can see that in every area of education there is a significant difference in approach.  These two different philosophies reflect who is the ultimate source of truth. Please read and pray through these.


Public Schools: To prepare citizens for a humanistic society that tolerates all lifestyles
Christian Schools: To prepare citizens for the Kingdom of God who are equipped to spread the Gospel


Public Schools: Humanism – no values are absolute and no truth is final
Christian Schools: All of life is studied in submission to the Word of God and its precepts


Public Schools: The State determines the content and methods of education
Christian Schools: The school functions in loco parentis, reinforcing and supporting parental values


Public Schools: Naturalism – everything comes from matter, time, and chance
Christian Schools: God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things; science involves knowing God through knowing His world


Public Schools: Controlled either by autonomous man or by an impersonal process
Christian Schools: Controlled by an omnipotent God who knows the end from the beginning


Public Schools: Literature must be representative of all cultures, which are seen as having equal value, and has no inherent meaning
Christian Schools: Students are exposed to a variety of quality literature, which is appreciated as a demonstration of common grace and interpreted in the light of God’s Word


Public Schools: Varied backgrounds – Christianity or some other religion, humanism, atheism; may be straight or gay
Christian Schools: Born-again, committed believers seeking to model Christ before their students


Public Schools: Determined by state and federal laws and guidelines
Christian Schools: Determined by God’s Word and its moral standards


Public Schools: Varied religious backgrounds, often receiving little moral instruction or values at home or church
Christian Schools: Majority of students from Christian homes who are there because their parents support Christian values

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