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Most Christians aren’t aware that more than 2 billion people have never heard about Jesus. If they do know, they don’t know what to do about it.
It’s overwhelming.

Only one percent of resources given to Christian causes goes to reaching the unreached. Only five percent of the missionaries serving in foreign fields are in places where the gospel has not yet been.

These are sobering statistics when there are hundreds of people groups worldwide where there is no Christian presence. Almost 1800 people groups still have no Scripture in their language. In just one people group, the Hmong, 9 million still remain unreached.

As Paul wrote (Rom 10:14), “How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?”

As believers, we know the hope and salvation of Jesus. As believers, we know the miracle of answered prayers and the joy of witnessing God in action.

But what of those unreached billions of hearts around the world crying out for hope? The opportunity exists for us to fulfil the Great Commission in our generation if every believer does their part.

Go and make disciples

FEBC Australia, part of FEBC International, uses radio and internet programming to inspire people to follow Christ. We take the Good News to people into the hardest-to-reach places, in their heart languages. We raise up ethnic language broadcasters and programmers so all people groups may hear God’s Word in their own language.

Currently FEBC broadcasts in more than 50 countries in 130 different languages for 2500+ hours daily. Each year more than 9 million listeners’ call, email and SMS our radio stations to tell us how their lives have changed as a result of what they hear and see from FEBC. But there are still more people to be reached. As Jesus commanded us: go and make disciples.

“The last two instructions Jesus gave us had to do with reaching the unreached.”

This is not a burden, but a gift of opportunity. Making disciples isn’t only about going somewhere to share Christ.  Nor is it limited to those who ‘go’. It’s about a Christian lifestyle that says, “Wherever we are, we will make disciples. Wherever we give, we will make disciples.” Jesus offered us one of the greatest promises in Scripture: “Surely, I am with you always to the very end of the age.” As we go and share the Good News with those who have never heard, we are not going alone. He is with us.

This transforms Jesus’ words from a burdensome command into an empowering proclamation: we are given all the authority and the very presence of the Living God as we represent Him to a world in need of His message.

The last two instructions Jesus gave on this planet had to do with reaching the unreached.  That’s how important they are to Him.  That’s how important they should be to us.

Who are unreached?

  • People groups that occupy the inaccessible mountain regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand – that’s why short-wave radio is still so important;
  • Some of the most religiously intolerant nations in the world, where the persecution of Christians is often severe – praise God for FEBC internet apps and church by radio;
  • Famers who live in poverty and remain untouched by globalisation & technology;
  • The marginalised and forgotten: FEBC broadcasts into brothels to help women escape sex trafficking;
  • Those in poverty: FEBC broadcasts education and training to empower individuals to set up business for economic choice;
  • The illiterate, the blind, the deaf. FEBC develops innovative ways to reach them. In Vietnam, despite serving in a restrictive country, FEBC uses TV Boxes to train church leaders in Bible studies, with children eager to watch animated Christian programs and with the deaf. Three thousand have been distributed through churches and more are in production.

Effective communication of the Good News needs to reach people far and wide through frequent contact. FEBC’s listeners tell us the more they hear, the more familiar they become with the saving message of Christ. The more time FEBC can be on air, the more frequently they will hear that message, meaning more people come to know and love Jesus. Let them hear with FEBC.

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